2018.02.02. New Motoman MPX1150 and MPX2600 painting robots

23. Январь 2018

Powerful duo for demanding tasks Yaskawa has broadened its portfolio of efficient painting robots by two new models.

The two 6-axis robots distinguish themselves by space-saving and flexible installation, coupled with innovative design. The compact Motoman MPX1150 robot was specially developed for painting small workpieces.

The more powerful Motoman MPX2600 is particularly suited to industrial coating applications, e.g. for painting small parts. Compact MOTOMAN MPX1150 painting robot / Kompakter Lackierroboter MOTOMAN MPX1150 (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA) Powerful MOTOMAN MPX2600 painting robot / Leistungsstarker Lackierroboter MOTOMAN MPX2600 (Source/Quelle: YASKAWA) In the development of the MPX series an emphasis was placed on optimum use of space and top working speed, whilst maintaining a high level of operator friendliness.

Both the Motoman MPX1150 and the Motoman MPX2600 painting robots thus operate, for example, without offset on the S/L axis. This design enables not only efficient use of the area below the robot arm, but also installation close to the workpiece. Despite its extremely compact layout, the Motoman MPX1150 can handle a payload of five kilogrammes. With this strength, the robot is able to operate a wide range of painting guns. Its range of 1,156 mm vertically and 727 mm horizontally opens up a wide range of possible applications.

The repeat accuracy of the Motoman MPX1150 of +-0.02mm guarantees the highest level of painting quality. The second new model, the Motoman MPX2600, achieves a payload of 15 kg on the wrist and 20 kg on the U-arm and a working range of 2000 mm. Thanks to its elegant arm design and large hollow axis of the wrist, the robot is well-equipped to handle demanding painting tasks such as the coating of internal car body parts. Slight overpressure in the housing of the MPX robot ensures the required explosion protection with low compressed air consumption in operation.

The robots are controlled by the high-performance DX200 controller. This standard controller from Yaskawa offers all options known from other applications such as bus systems, conveyor belt synchronizations or additional input/output cards. In addition, the DX200 controller has an optional functional safety unit (FSU) that permits, among other things, smaller safety zones. In addition to the new models MPX1150 and MPX2600, the Motoman MPX series also includes the Motoman MPX3500 painting robots. With its payload of 15 kg (wrist) or 25 kg (U-arm), a horizontal reach of 2700 mm and vertical reach of 3500 mm it is the largest and most powerful of the three Motoman MPX robots.



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