2018.05.16. VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) is exhibiting first cores and common mode chokes made of the nanocrystalline material VITROPERM

The magnetic materials specialist Vacuumschmelze GmbH (Hanau, Germany) promises significantly reduced core losses to users of its new Vitroperm 550 HF material. It enables them to develop, for example, optimized power transformers for wall charging stations and on-board charging systems for electric vehicles. The constant demand for smaller and lighter systems is also a challenge in power electronics. With the innovative Vitroperm 550 HF material, cost-effective cores, chokes or power transformers in compact design for demanding requirements can be realised. The components show a significantly improved high-frequency behaviour compared to solutions made of Vitroperm 500 F or commercially available EMC ferrites.

Applications for the high-performance materials are e.g. switching power supplies, wind or solar inverters and frequency converters. In the automotive sector, current-compensated chokes in the drive train offer enormous economies of scale and weight advantages - components that are up to 60% smaller can be produced cost-effectively.



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