2018.05.10. Fast BLDC motor controller integrates 16-bit CPU

The E523.06 from chip maker Elmos AG is a BLDC motor System-in-a-Chip, consisting of a gate driver for the 12 V vehicle electrical system, combined with a 16-bit CPU core. It controls up to 3 NMOS half bridges of BLDC, DC motors or other loads. The CPU architecture and motor driver peripherals are optimized for the Single Shunt FOC (Field Oriented Control) process.

The IC calculates the motor position and the commutation times without additional Hall sensors. A shunt is the only measuring element used in the external circuit. The module contains circuits that effectively protect against overcurrent (the threshold is continuously adjustable), overtemperature, overvoltages and undervoltages and short circuits (programmable threshold values for each FET).

In addition to the cost-effective design of the target application, the IC supports end-of-line programming via JTAG or high-speed LIN.

Possible applications include: Cooling fans, air conditioning fans and pumps (fuel, hydraulics, oil or water).

The 16-bit CPU in conjunction with coprocessors for ADC tasking and PWM generation ensures high system performance. The closed control loop is processed so quickly by this hardware acceleration that the complete motor model can be calculated within a PWM cycle. An integrated current measuring amplifier with high bandwidth processes the current values. All features optimize system performance, system reliability, power consumption and development time.

Communication in the automotive network can be implemented via an integrated LIN transceiver or via a PWM interface.

The IC is qualified for the temperature range from 0 to 150°C according to AEC Q-100 degrees.



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