2018.04.18. First certified industrial gripper for collaborative operation

With the SCHUNK Co-act EGP-C gripper, for the first time an inherently safe industrial gripper is being presented, which has been certified and approved by the DGUV for collaborative operation. This facilitates the safety considerations for collaborative applications and in turn shortens the time requirement.

The compact 2 finger parallel gripper enclosed with collision protection cover covers a wide range of applications – from small component assembly in electronics industry right up to assembly applications in the automotive sector.

The EGP-C Co-act satisfies the requirements of ISO/TS 15066 and is designed so that it cannot injure people. The gripper can be controlled via digital I/O. Thanks to an operating voltage of 24V DC, it is also suitable for mobile applications.

The Co-act EGP-C is supplied as a pre-assembled unit with the suitable interface for the cobots of KUKA, FANUC or Universal Robots. Furthermore, programming modules are provided for all conventional cobots which will further reduce the commissioning effort.

The entire electronics are fitted in the interior of the gripper, meaning they don't take up any space in the electrical cabinet. Brushless and thus maintenance-free servomotors as well as powerful junction roller guides guarantee a high level of efficiency. For an intuitive collaboration, the gripper is fitted with LED lighting in traffic light colors, by means of which the user is signaled the condition of the module. The gripping force can be adjusted by means of a rotary encoding switch in several increments.

Product features DGUV certified and approved for collaborative operation Fast and easy integration, as pre-assembled gripping unit with the right robot interface Control via digital I/O Interfaces for KUKA, FANUC or Universal Robots

Your added value

Time saving for safety observation

High level of efficiency due to maintenance-free servomotors and powerful junction roller guide

Can also be used on the move with 24V DC operating voltage



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